HRD authentication – Role of General Administration Department

Currently, in the present time many people from India go to overseas countries in search of employment, family residence and many other reasons. Many people including professionals and students go to other countries. Virtually all overseas countries including Gulf Cooperation Council countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman which recruit a large no of people from India require the educational certificates to be attested. Educational certificates consist of various types of certificates like SSC, matric,, MBBS etc. Legalization of all kinds like apostille and attestation require HRD authenticated certificates, as per global norms. To have a brief perspective about HRD authentication and General Administration Department processes, kindly follow the content below:-

What is the definition of Human Resource Development Authentication?

Human Resource Development department in all Indian states is established by the State Govt authorities to handle educational documents authentication process. Authentication in legal circles is defined as the procedure by which the content on your papers like degree, matric, SSC etc. is corroborated by the appropriate authorities. After verification, they seal and sign the papers. The HRD authorities will ratify only those docs which have emerged from their respective state. This implies that if you have passed out your degree from Tamilnadu, then your Certificate needs HRD attestation in Chennai.

What is the meaning of General Administration Department?

The General Administration Department or popularly known as GAD is the body authorized by most state HRD’s to attest educational documents. This holds true for the majority of states in India like Delhi, J&K, and Bihar etc. The GAD authorities check the data on your degree certificate from the respective board / university using the roll no or enrollment no mentioned on them. After confirmation, they put their signature and seal on the papers. Now, your degree certificate is considered equivalent to those being used abroad.

How HRD authentication can help you in acquiring apostille?

HRD validation is also customary to obtain apostille attestation. Apostille is a popular method of legalization in which an apostille stamp is pasted on the certificates, after HRD corroboration. This stamp has a unique ID. After pasting the stamp, the MEA will apostille the certificate. Apostille is valid for documents originating from countries belonging to The Hague Convention Countries of 1961. India has recently joined the list of countries accepting apostille.

HRD attestation

How MEA licensed companies can help you in acquiring HRD corroboration

The Ministry of External Affairs is the supreme body which is managing attestation of all certificates including educational papers. HRD corroboration is a very lengthy process and it takes a lot of time and commitment from your part to acquire it. To resolve this issue, you can avail the services of MEA licensed companies for obtaining HRD verification within less time and low cost. These firms have contacts with the HRD authorities of different states in India and will get the verification quickly. They will gather your certificates, verify the content from the HRD and process them for the next step in educational attestation process. Customers love their services because they give you the option of checking the status of your papers over their website 24 * 7. Besides this, a lot of them also guarantee the confidentiality of your data. Nearly, all of them have a fantastic customer care service which is available by live chat, fax, phone, email etc. It will counsel you from the day one till the successful completion of your case.

What are the advantages of taking HRD authentication?

HRD validation has plenty of advantages both in the present and in the future. Once your documents are authenticated by the HRD, then it can be used for your whole life. This means that in the future if you apply for UAE visa again, then you can utilize your old HRD validation. There is no requirement of taking a new authentication and wasting your time and money. Secondly, the cost of HRD authentication is very low, which can be easily afforded by you. Thirdly, you can use this authentication for different countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE etc. More importantly, it has been observed that when you apply to reputable institutions abroad like Harvard, Cornell, MIT etc then you need to submit only HRD validated certificates for seeking admission. This is because the university authorities desire only bonafide candidates to apply for admission there. So, they insist only on attested certificates.


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