Why Document Authentication is Imperative for Saudi Visa

Saudi Arabia remains one of the most popular countries for foreigners including Indians who look for overseas jobs. After the oil boom of 1973, Saudi Arabia became one of the richest countries in the world, amassing huge oil wealth and launched huge projects in different fields like world class hospitals, roads, bridges, schools etc. But one of the major problems which they faced was a small local population with very low skills. So, they started importing foreign workers including Indians in large numbers. The Saudi economy is possibly the most diversified in the Persian Gulf with industries in almost all the major fields like healthcare, IT, construction, petroleum etc. Though there are plenty of factors why Indians love working in Saudi Arabia, but the main reasons include high salaries which have no income tax , very low cost of living, high personal and commercial safety and excellent health and educational facilities. The Saudi authorities have devised a proper system of document authentication which is known as certificate attestation for Saudi. To elaborate attestation further, let us give you a brief explanation:-

The interpretation of attestation

Attestation in the most simple and lucid language is essentially defined as the process by which your Indian certificates are authenticated by the correct authorities for them to be used in Saudi visa. Your documents like marriage certificate are brought before the concerned authorities and then signed and sealed by them. The Ministry of External Affairs is the uppermost body authorized by the Govt of India to perform attestation for all documents from India. After this, you can use your marriage certificate for all activities like getting a cell phone, opening account in the bank etc. The authorities in Saudi Arabia want to weed out dishonest applicants from abroad. So, they insist on all your certificates including marriage certificate to be corroborated before applying for visa.

Concise explanation of attestation process

Document authentication of officially known as attestation has an unambiguous process. In our case, first we need to get our marriage certificate corroborated from the Home Department of the state from where it was issued. For example, if your document was originated from Manipur, then validation is done by the Manipur Home Department authorities. Next, the Ministry of External Affairs carries out the attestation. In the end, you have to get the document validated from the Saudi Embassy on an English version and an Arabic translation.

Why document authentication is imperative

Authentication of your documents is imperative for many reasons. The first primary reason is that Saudi employers want only skilled and genuine personnel from India for filling up their vacancies. Since petroleum prices are down, so the authorities in Saudi Arabia are extra meticulous in filling up openings from abroad. There is a strong resentment among educated Saudis against foreigners taking up jobs there. Additionally, the authorities want to prevent unscrupulous elements from entering their country and create law and order problems.  Secondly, attestation is an acceptable form of authentication which is used worldwide. So, if you want to go to other countries besides Saudi, there also you need attestation.

Why MEA authorized companies are beneficial

To help you with complicated Govt procedures like Home Department and MEA attestation which need plenty of time and involve a lot of formalities, you can take the assistance of authorized companies by the MEA for obtaining genuine and accurate attestation services within affordable charges.  Go to their customer care service who will give you all the steps on how to proceed. You can give all your documents to them and then track your papers over their site.

Advantages of document authentication

Document authentication or attestation has many advantages. First, it is valid for your whole life. This implies, that if you apply for Saudi visa again after 10 years, then the previous Home Department and MEA attestation are also applicable now. If you apply for other kinds of visa like family visa, there also the attestation is valid.  Secondly, your attested certificates can be used in other countries also apart from Saudi Arabia. Finally, the charges for Govt processes like Home Department and MEA attestation are very low, which will fit your budget easily.


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