How Degree Attestation Can help you in Acquiring UAE Visa

People from India are going to the UAE for more than forty years for various objectives like studies, employment, etc. The UAE is the most advanced country in the GCC and has the best educational facilities and employment opportunities. One of the major attractions of UAE for education is that many renowned Indian universities like the Birla Institute of Science, SP Jain School of Management have established their campuses there, which provide the same standard of education as their counterparts in India. The emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in particular draw hundreds of expatriates from all over the world for the abundant job opportunities. The UAE authorities have made it compulsory for Indian educational certificates like degree certificate to be attested to be eligible for applying for UAE visa. In case, you don’t know what attestation is, then let us make the topic very clear to you.

What do we mean by degree attestation?

Degree attestation essentially means a process by which your degree certificate is authenticated by the concerned authorities to apply for the visa. This means, that the concerned authorities will check your papers, verify the info from the particular university and then put their signature and seal on the documents. Since you are applying for the UAE, your degree document will be subjected to the process Degree attestation for UAE. This process will consist of the same steps as mentioned above. The Ministry of External Affairs is the supreme body which is sanctioned by the Supreme Court of India, which will conduct attestation for your degree. The UAE authorities want to ensure that only bona fide Indian students, professionals and workers come to their country. So they have initiated this process of attestation as a part of that requirement.

Process of degree attestation for UAE visa

The process is explained briefly for you to follow the steps and get your visa quickly. First your papers will be validated from Human Resource Development of the state in which your university is located. Next, you have to get attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi, followed by UAE Embassy attestation. In the end, there is Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation. For getting all these steps done in a quick and convenient manner, please take the help of authorized company which is approved by the MEA.

How degree attestation can help you in acquiring UAE visa

Degree attestation is a mandatory step for obtaining UAE visa. Once your degree is attested, then it is considered equivalent to the degree certificate in the UAE. Then you need to scan your degree certificate and send it to the respective employer/ university for him to file your work permit / study visa application. After getting the work permit / study permit ID, you need to take the printout of it and along with the other necessary documents like passport, photos, completed visa application form and submit it to the embassy for further proceedings.

Advantages of degree attestation for UAE visa

There are several advantages of degree attestation which are given below.

First of all, your degree attestation is applicable for your whole life.   To give you a clearer picture, if you need  to go to the UAE for work purposes  again after 7  years, then  your earlier attestation will hold good.  Consequently, your money and time both are saved. Secondly, for your information, all the attestation process like HRD, MEA have very low charges. If, by chance you want to go to Saudi Arabia from the UAE for any reasons, your original attested degree certificate is applicable.