Chamber of Commerce Attestation and Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

If you are a foreign national who is working or living in Saudi Arabia, you require a letter from your employer for performing daily activities like opening a bank account. As per Saudi law, you require your certificates to be attested from the Chamber of Commerce. Even banks and financial institutions require it. Since Chamber of Commerce attestation is a part of the Saudi attestation process, so please go through certain important points.

  1. You should find out the exact location of the main office of the Chamber of Commerce in your city for example Riyadh. It is open for 24 hrs. To avoid queues, go in the night and get your certificates attested.
  2. Chamber of Commerce attestation services is also provided in shopping malls. For example, Serafi mall in Jeddah. During office hours you can get your attestation from there instead of the main office.
  3. The attestation charges are 25 SAR per document.
  4. Please note that you can obtain attestation only from the Chamber of Commerce in the city where your company has registered itself. This means that if your company is registered in Riyadh, then you can acquire attestation only from the Chamber of Commerce in Riyadh.
  5. Public sector employees or employees of renowned government companies like ARAMCO, Saudi Airlines or firms like SABIC, in which foreign countries own 50 % of the stake are exempted from Chamber of Commerce legalization.
  6. In the earlier process, first you had to print the application for a family visit visa, fill it, then get it signed by your sponsor and finally submit it to the Chamber of Commerce. This process was known as ‘Tafeel’. As per the new procedure, you have to apply online, print it and give it to the Government Relations Officer of your company. He will validate your application online and then he will submit it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Arabia. Chamber of Commerce offices are currently not accepting any family visit visa applications. The status is updated on the MOFA website after some time.

The MOFA authorities do not return the visa application but issue receipt books. If you don’t receive any message, then log in to your ‘Abshir’ account. Next, check the available fund option.

If the visa fee is showing ‘0’ balance, this means your permanent family visa application has been approved. If the visa fee is not ‘0’, this implies that approval is pending. One more option you should check is that of ‘ View and print the submitted application ‘. You should click and check the status, whether it is approved or still in process. If there is no response, there is one more way. Go to the ‘Istiqdam’ office with your application reference number and all certificates. The authorities there will assist you in removing the delays in the visa process.

All these points will help you in getting your certificates legalized quickly and obtaining the family visit visa within a short period of time.


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