Non- Educational Certificate Apostille Attestation

Superb Enterprises is known to give genuine and rapid Personal, Commercial and Degree Certificate Apostille Attestation services all over India. All these three sort of certificates are handled for MEA Apostille Attestation. Well today in this blog we will examine about Non- Educational Degree MEA Apostille Stamp in India for Oman, France, Germany, UK, USA, and so forth. An Apostille procedure is sort of authentication in which Certificates are authorized in a particular configuration that is satisfactory in each of the 92 Countries that has a place with Hague Convention. Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) do Apostille Attestation on Indian issued certificates for endorsement reason in outside nations.

Non-Educational Certificate Apostille Attestation

  • Experience Certificate Apostille Attestation
  • Marriage Certificate Apostille Attestation
  • Birth Certificate Apostille Attestation
  • Divorce Certificate Apostille Attestation
  • Death Certificate Apostille Attestation
  • Police Clearance Certificate Apostille Attestation
  • Affidavit Apostille Attestation, etc.

Process for Non- Educational Certificate Apostille Attestation in India:-

Step 1: State Home Department/ Human Resource Department/ General Administrative Department/ Sub Division Magistrate/ Notary/ Mantralaya Authentication of the respective state from where the certificate is issued;

Step 2: Apostille Stamp from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India.

Presently Talking about the Ministry of External Affairs- MEA Apostille Procedure for Non-Educational Certificate. To take after the MEA Indian Apostille Procedure, you need to contact Ministry of External Affairs through a certified operator Company impaneled on official panel of Ministry of External Affairs since Ministry of External Affairs has contracted out all the administrative work of gathering, examining and delivering of the certificates to the privately owned businesses. As a matter of first importance any original Non-Educational Indian Certificate, requiring MiIndian Apostille Procedurenistry of External Affairs- MEA Apostille Attestation of Certificate, should first be pre-confirmed by the assigned officials/ department of the State/ Union Territory from where the certificate was at first issued which are Home Department/ General Administrative Department/ Maharashtra Home Department- Mumbai Mantralaya.


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