Step By Step Qatar Attestation Process

Qatar is an absolute monarchy located in the Persian Gulf , sharing border with Saudi Arabia. The capital city is Doha. It has the highest per capital income in the world and its citizens enjoy a high standard of living . The main industry is petroleum and allied industries. Expatriates form the majority of the population, outnumbering the native Qataris. Indians account for the majority of the expatriate population. They are primarily employed in petroleum, healthcare ,  retail industries respectively. To fulfill the demand for attestation  Qatar, the embassy of the kingdom of Qatar has laid down specific procedure for Qatar attestation for Indian origin documents. The main requirements for Qatar embassy attestation are as follows.

  • To obtain employment visa.
  • To secure family residence.
  • To obtain higher education.
  • To take school admission in Qatar.


Certificate attestation for Qatar

Qatar certificate attestation  consists of  educational, non educational and commercial certificates . For educational certificate attestation for Qatar, certain mandatory requirements need to be fulfilled.

  • The degree certificate has to be submitted with final year mark sheet.
  • Only Govt recognized degrees are eligible.
  • Only full time courses which are affiliated to the UGC are eligible.
  • A verification letter from the concerned university, from where the degree originates, has to be submitted along with the degree certificate.

After meeting all these requirements, first the certificate has to be authenticated by the HRD of the

respective state followed  by MEA attestation and ending with Qatar embassy attestation. Regarding non educational certificates, initially the certificates have to be attested by the State Home Department . Then MEA attestation takes place and in the end, Qatar embassy attestation takes place. For commercial certificates , the certificates are attested by the Chamber of Commerce in the beginning . After that, there is MEA attestation and finally Qatar embassy attestation happens.

It is preferable to take the services of an authorized agency for Qatar attestation services to avoid inconvenience and delay. SEPL in Lucknow is providing affordable  Qatar attestation services to candidates since the last ten years.


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