HRD authentication – Role of General Administration Department

Currently, in the present time many people from India go to overseas countries in search of employment, family residence and many other reasons. Many people including professionals and students go to other countries. Virtually all overseas countries including Gulf Cooperation Council countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman which recruit a large no of people from India require the educational certificates to be attested. Educational certificates consist of various types of certificates like SSC, matric,, MBBS etc. Legalization of all kinds like apostille and attestation require HRD authenticated certificates, as per global norms. To have a brief perspective about HRD authentication and General Administration Department processes, kindly follow the content below:-

What is the definition of Human Resource Development Authentication?

Human Resource Development department in all Indian states is established by the State Govt authorities to handle educational documents authentication process. Authentication in legal circles is defined as the procedure by which the content on your papers like degree, matric, SSC etc. is corroborated by the appropriate authorities. After verification, they seal and sign the papers. The HRD authorities will ratify only those docs which have emerged from their respective state. This implies that if you have passed out your degree from Tamilnadu, then your Certificate needs HRD attestation in Chennai.

What is the meaning of General Administration Department?

The General Administration Department or popularly known as GAD is the body authorized by most state HRD’s to attest educational documents. This holds true for the majority of states in India like Delhi, J&K, and Bihar etc. The GAD authorities check the data on your degree certificate from the respective board / university using the roll no or enrollment no mentioned on them. After confirmation, they put their signature and seal on the papers. Now, your degree certificate is considered equivalent to those being used abroad.

How HRD authentication can help you in acquiring apostille?

HRD validation is also customary to obtain apostille attestation. Apostille is a popular method of legalization in which an apostille stamp is pasted on the certificates, after HRD corroboration. This stamp has a unique ID. After pasting the stamp, the MEA will apostille the certificate. Apostille is valid for documents originating from countries belonging to The Hague Convention Countries of 1961. India has recently joined the list of countries accepting apostille.

HRD attestation

How MEA licensed companies can help you in acquiring HRD corroboration

The Ministry of External Affairs is the supreme body which is managing attestation of all certificates including educational papers. HRD corroboration is a very lengthy process and it takes a lot of time and commitment from your part to acquire it. To resolve this issue, you can avail the services of MEA licensed companies for obtaining HRD verification within less time and low cost. These firms have contacts with the HRD authorities of different states in India and will get the verification quickly. They will gather your certificates, verify the content from the HRD and process them for the next step in educational attestation process. Customers love their services because they give you the option of checking the status of your papers over their website 24 * 7. Besides this, a lot of them also guarantee the confidentiality of your data. Nearly, all of them have a fantastic customer care service which is available by live chat, fax, phone, email etc. It will counsel you from the day one till the successful completion of your case.

What are the advantages of taking HRD authentication?

HRD validation has plenty of advantages both in the present and in the future. Once your documents are authenticated by the HRD, then it can be used for your whole life. This means that in the future if you apply for UAE visa again, then you can utilize your old HRD validation. There is no requirement of taking a new authentication and wasting your time and money. Secondly, the cost of HRD authentication is very low, which can be easily afforded by you. Thirdly, you can use this authentication for different countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE etc. More importantly, it has been observed that when you apply to reputable institutions abroad like Harvard, Cornell, MIT etc then you need to submit only HRD validated certificates for seeking admission. This is because the university authorities desire only bonafide candidates to apply for admission there. So, they insist only on attested certificates.


Why Document Authentication is Imperative for Saudi Visa

Saudi Arabia remains one of the most popular countries for foreigners including Indians who look for overseas jobs. After the oil boom of 1973, Saudi Arabia became one of the richest countries in the world, amassing huge oil wealth and launched huge projects in different fields like world class hospitals, roads, bridges, schools etc. But one of the major problems which they faced was a small local population with very low skills. So, they started importing foreign workers including Indians in large numbers. The Saudi economy is possibly the most diversified in the Persian Gulf with industries in almost all the major fields like healthcare, IT, construction, petroleum etc. Though there are plenty of factors why Indians love working in Saudi Arabia, but the main reasons include high salaries which have no income tax , very low cost of living, high personal and commercial safety and excellent health and educational facilities. The Saudi authorities have devised a proper system of document authentication which is known as certificate attestation for Saudi. To elaborate attestation further, let us give you a brief explanation:-

The interpretation of attestation

Attestation in the most simple and lucid language is essentially defined as the process by which your Indian certificates are authenticated by the correct authorities for them to be used in Saudi visa. Your documents like marriage certificate are brought before the concerned authorities and then signed and sealed by them. The Ministry of External Affairs is the uppermost body authorized by the Govt of India to perform attestation for all documents from India. After this, you can use your marriage certificate for all activities like getting a cell phone, opening account in the bank etc. The authorities in Saudi Arabia want to weed out dishonest applicants from abroad. So, they insist on all your certificates including marriage certificate to be corroborated before applying for visa.

Concise explanation of attestation process

Document authentication of officially known as attestation has an unambiguous process. In our case, first we need to get our marriage certificate corroborated from the Home Department of the state from where it was issued. For example, if your document was originated from Manipur, then validation is done by the Manipur Home Department authorities. Next, the Ministry of External Affairs carries out the attestation. In the end, you have to get the document validated from the Saudi Embassy on an English version and an Arabic translation.

Why document authentication is imperative

Authentication of your documents is imperative for many reasons. The first primary reason is that Saudi employers want only skilled and genuine personnel from India for filling up their vacancies. Since petroleum prices are down, so the authorities in Saudi Arabia are extra meticulous in filling up openings from abroad. There is a strong resentment among educated Saudis against foreigners taking up jobs there. Additionally, the authorities want to prevent unscrupulous elements from entering their country and create law and order problems.  Secondly, attestation is an acceptable form of authentication which is used worldwide. So, if you want to go to other countries besides Saudi, there also you need attestation.

Why MEA authorized companies are beneficial

To help you with complicated Govt procedures like Home Department and MEA attestation which need plenty of time and involve a lot of formalities, you can take the assistance of authorized companies by the MEA for obtaining genuine and accurate attestation services within affordable charges.  Go to their customer care service who will give you all the steps on how to proceed. You can give all your documents to them and then track your papers over their site.

Advantages of document authentication

Document authentication or attestation has many advantages. First, it is valid for your whole life. This implies, that if you apply for Saudi visa again after 10 years, then the previous Home Department and MEA attestation are also applicable now. If you apply for other kinds of visa like family visa, there also the attestation is valid.  Secondly, your attested certificates can be used in other countries also apart from Saudi Arabia. Finally, the charges for Govt processes like Home Department and MEA attestation are very low, which will fit your budget easily.

How Degree Attestation Can help you in Acquiring UAE Visa

People from India are going to the UAE for more than forty years for various objectives like studies, employment, etc. The UAE is the most advanced country in the GCC and has the best educational facilities and employment opportunities. One of the major attractions of UAE for education is that many renowned Indian universities like the Birla Institute of Science, SP Jain School of Management have established their campuses there, which provide the same standard of education as their counterparts in India. The emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in particular draw hundreds of expatriates from all over the world for the abundant job opportunities. The UAE authorities have made it compulsory for Indian educational certificates like degree certificate to be attested to be eligible for applying for UAE visa. In case, you don’t know what attestation is, then let us make the topic very clear to you.

What do we mean by degree attestation?

Degree attestation essentially means a process by which your degree certificate is authenticated by the concerned authorities to apply for the visa. This means, that the concerned authorities will check your papers, verify the info from the particular university and then put their signature and seal on the documents. Since you are applying for the UAE, your degree document will be subjected to the process Degree attestation for UAE. This process will consist of the same steps as mentioned above. The Ministry of External Affairs is the supreme body which is sanctioned by the Supreme Court of India, which will conduct attestation for your degree. The UAE authorities want to ensure that only bona fide Indian students, professionals and workers come to their country. So they have initiated this process of attestation as a part of that requirement.

Process of degree attestation for UAE visa

The process is explained briefly for you to follow the steps and get your visa quickly. First your papers will be validated from Human Resource Development of the state in which your university is located. Next, you have to get attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi, followed by UAE Embassy attestation. In the end, there is Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation. For getting all these steps done in a quick and convenient manner, please take the help of authorized company which is approved by the MEA.

How degree attestation can help you in acquiring UAE visa

Degree attestation is a mandatory step for obtaining UAE visa. Once your degree is attested, then it is considered equivalent to the degree certificate in the UAE. Then you need to scan your degree certificate and send it to the respective employer/ university for him to file your work permit / study visa application. After getting the work permit / study permit ID, you need to take the printout of it and along with the other necessary documents like passport, photos, completed visa application form and submit it to the embassy for further proceedings.

Advantages of degree attestation for UAE visa

There are several advantages of degree attestation which are given below.

First of all, your degree attestation is applicable for your whole life.   To give you a clearer picture, if you need  to go to the UAE for work purposes  again after 7  years, then  your earlier attestation will hold good.  Consequently, your money and time both are saved. Secondly, for your information, all the attestation process like HRD, MEA have very low charges. If, by chance you want to go to Saudi Arabia from the UAE for any reasons, your original attested degree certificate is applicable.


Apostille Authentication of Documents Before Moving Abroad

Get the information about the definition, procedure, importance and advantages about apostille authentication of documents before moving abroad

Many people from India go overseas for various purposes like education, family visit, employment etc. Unfortunately, Indian certificates in their present state are invalid abroad. For example, if you have done a degree from an Indian university, then you can’t use it to get a visa for any overseas country. The reason is that foreign certificates have no credibility in their destination countries. Realizing this problem, The Hague Convention of 1961 enacted a new system of legalization of certificates emerging from the member nations known as Apostille. Apostille authentication is applicable for all your certificates be it educational, commercial and personal. In the following sections, you will get a clear idea about the exact definition, procedure, importance and advantages about apostille authentication of documents before moving abroad.

Definition and procedure of apostille authentication

Apostille is a French word which means certification in the literal sense.  It is a process by which your certificates acquire legal status after being authenticated by the concerned authorities. Different countries have different authorities pertaining to apostille authentication. In India, the Government of India has appointed the Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi to head the apostille authentication process. The process of apostille is very simple. Your original certificates like birth is placed before the MEA authorities along with a Xerox copy and the copy of your passport and your passport size photos and the apostille fees for the document. The MEA authorities will verify the information from the required sources and after confirmation, they will put their signature and seal and an apostille stamp on the document. Congratulations, your birth certificate is ready to be used abroad.

Importance of apostille authentication

Apostille authentication importance cannot be emphasized only on paper. Without it, you will never obtain your dream visa be it study, work or family visa for all Hague Convention Countries. The reason is that overseas authorities want to establish the genuinity of all incoming nationals from abroad. For example, IBM Canada requires that all foreign workers have to get their education and experience certificates apostilled before IBM can sponsor their work visa. The reason is that IBM Canada has to demonstrate to the Canadian authorities, that they are recruiting only bonafide overseas workers and that there are no qualified Canadian citizens who can perform this role.  Similar, is the case for other kinds of visas like family union and study.

Advantages of apostille authentication

Prior to apostille, applicants had to go to different departments for getting their certificates authenticated. This resulted in a lot of inconvenience and wastage of time and money since they had to seek appointments with authorities and bureaucratic procedures are very complicated and time consuming. So apostille has solved all these difficulties by proposing a uniform system of authentication for all types of documents. If your marriage certificate is apostilled in Oman which is apostille member country, then it becomes automatically valid in Canada which also accepts apostille without repeating the apostille process.  Apostille authentication also leads to elimination of fraud and dubious information which can lead to visa rejection and blacklisting of the applicants passport. For a smooth apostille authentication process, you are advised to avail the services of MEA registered companies providing trustworthy and accurate certificate apostille services. For a small service charge, they will undertake the entire process for you and make you reassured. Majority of them also provide a provision for you to check your documents status online .The best way to approach them is by contacting their customer care service.

Chamber of Commerce Attestation and Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

If you are a foreign national who is working or living in Saudi Arabia, you require a letter from your employer for performing daily activities like opening a bank account. As per Saudi law, you require your certificates to be attested from the Chamber of Commerce. Even banks and financial institutions require it. Since Chamber of Commerce attestation is a part of the Saudi attestation process, so please go through certain important points.

  1. You should find out the exact location of the main office of the Chamber of Commerce in your city for example Riyadh. It is open for 24 hrs. To avoid queues, go in the night and get your certificates attested.
  2. Chamber of Commerce attestation services is also provided in shopping malls. For example, Serafi mall in Jeddah. During office hours you can get your attestation from there instead of the main office.
  3. The attestation charges are 25 SAR per document.
  4. Please note that you can obtain attestation only from the Chamber of Commerce in the city where your company has registered itself. This means that if your company is registered in Riyadh, then you can acquire attestation only from the Chamber of Commerce in Riyadh.
  5. Public sector employees or employees of renowned government companies like ARAMCO, Saudi Airlines or firms like SABIC, in which foreign countries own 50 % of the stake are exempted from Chamber of Commerce legalization.
  6. In the earlier process, first you had to print the application for a family visit visa, fill it, then get it signed by your sponsor and finally submit it to the Chamber of Commerce. This process was known as ‘Tafeel’. As per the new procedure, you have to apply online, print it and give it to the Government Relations Officer of your company. He will validate your application online and then he will submit it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Arabia. Chamber of Commerce offices are currently not accepting any family visit visa applications. The status is updated on the MOFA website after some time.

The MOFA authorities do not return the visa application but issue receipt books. If you don’t receive any message, then log in to your ‘Abshir’ account. Next, check the available fund option.

If the visa fee is showing ‘0’ balance, this means your permanent family visa application has been approved. If the visa fee is not ‘0’, this implies that approval is pending. One more option you should check is that of ‘ View and print the submitted application ‘. You should click and check the status, whether it is approved or still in process. If there is no response, there is one more way. Go to the ‘Istiqdam’ office with your application reference number and all certificates. The authorities there will assist you in removing the delays in the visa process.

All these points will help you in getting your certificates legalized quickly and obtaining the family visit visa within a short period of time.

If You Require Certificate Attestation In Kuwait, Contact SEPL

Kuwait is a tiny country in the Persian Gulf which is one of the richest countries in the world. It’s currency is one of the highest valued currencies in the world . It is a highly developed economy . Petroleum and allied industries form the backbone of the Kuwaiti economy. Expatriates constitute the majority of the population. Indians form the largest chunk of the expatriate population. They are mainly employed in petroleum, healthcare, Technology , finance , construction industries respectively.

Certificate attestation for Kuwait

Certificate attestation for Kuwait includes educational, non educational and commercial certificates respectively. First, the certificates are attested by the HRD of the respective state in India, followed by MEA attestation and ending in Kuwait embassy certificate attestation. Regarding non educational documents, the certificates are authenticated by the Home Department of the respective state in India. Next, there is MEA attestation and culminating in Kuwait embassy certificate attestation . Concerning commercial certificates , the documents are authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce , followed by MEA attestation . In the end, Kuwait embassy certificate  attestation takes place.

Degree attestation for Kuwait

Degree certificate attestation for Kuwait follows a similar process to  educational certificates.

Degree attestation for Kuwait requires the following mandatory documents.

  • Original certificate
  • Passport copy

Birth certificate attestation for Kuwait

Birth certificate attestation for Kuwait follows a similar process to non educational documents.

Birth attestation for Kuwait requires the following mandatory documents.

  • Original certificate
  • Passport copy

Marriage certificate attestation for Kuwait .

Marriage certificate attestation to follows a similar process to non educational documents.

The following documents need to be furnished  for marriage certificate attestation for Kuwait.

  • Original certificate
  • Copy of the passport

In order to make Kuwait certificate attestation procedure speedy and affordable , it is advisable to take the help of a reputed agency for attestation services for  Kuwait. SEPL , based in Chandigarh is  a leading agency in providing attestation services for Kuwait . They specialize in birth certificate attestation for Kuwait, marriage certificate attestation for Kuwait and degree certificate attestation for Kuwait respectively. The whole process takes around maximum ten working days. They charge the lowest Kuwait embassy certificate attestation fees , currently in the market.

MOFA Certificate Attestation Service In UAE

According to the UAE Federal Labor Law, people/ individuals applying for a resident permit in UAE, or an employment or residence visas for family members or to pursue higher education or starting a business or company or to write various examinations etc. need to provide attested certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the home country and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE. Those moving out of the UAE also need to get MOFA Attestation in UAE first. According to the law, the people or individuals must first go to Dubai Courts or Notary Public and get their certificates attested, followed by Ministry of Justice and then finally by the MOFA- Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE. The next procedures will be followed in the country where the individual is aiming to go.

If you wish to move to UAE from India, your documents have to be attested by the respective State Home Departments and then from the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. Only then it could be submitted to the UAE embassy in New Delhi. However, Educational certificates are to be attested by the HRD Ministry i.e. the Education Ministry of the respective state of India before the attestation by ‘Ministry of External Affairs’.

Coming to UAE, the certificate bears MOFA attestation in UAE and is the final procedure to be undertaken. Once you are over with the attestations from the home country- India, you need to approach MOFA office in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for MOFA Attestation. MOFA attestation in UAE is done after carrying out all other vital procedures like HRD/Home Department/ SDM/ GAD, MEA, and UAE Embassy attestation. For MOFA Attestation in UAE, you are required to take with you original, which are attested, certificates, the relevant fee and passport of the individual.

SEPL Businessmen Services LLC specialize in various Embassy and MOFA attestation services for both outbound & inbound certificates/ documents. MOFA Attestation Services are accessible through us for all the Documents. Our services does not need your physical presence, and promises to be accomplished in time, regardless of the number of attestations it has to go through administration departments.

Non- Educational Certificate Apostille Attestation

Superb Enterprises is known to give genuine and rapid Personal, Commercial and Degree Certificate Apostille Attestation services all over India. All these three sort of certificates are handled for MEA Apostille Attestation. Well today in this blog we will examine about Non- Educational Degree MEA Apostille Stamp in India for Oman, France, Germany, UK, USA, and so forth. An Apostille procedure is sort of authentication in which Certificates are authorized in a particular configuration that is satisfactory in each of the 92 Countries that has a place with Hague Convention. Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) do Apostille Attestation on Indian issued certificates for endorsement reason in outside nations.

Non-Educational Certificate Apostille Attestation

  • Experience Certificate Apostille Attestation
  • Marriage Certificate Apostille Attestation
  • Birth Certificate Apostille Attestation
  • Divorce Certificate Apostille Attestation
  • Death Certificate Apostille Attestation
  • Police Clearance Certificate Apostille Attestation
  • Affidavit Apostille Attestation, etc.

Process for Non- Educational Certificate Apostille Attestation in India:-

Step 1: State Home Department/ Human Resource Department/ General Administrative Department/ Sub Division Magistrate/ Notary/ Mantralaya Authentication of the respective state from where the certificate is issued;

Step 2: Apostille Stamp from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India.

Presently Talking about the Ministry of External Affairs- MEA Apostille Procedure for Non-Educational Certificate. To take after the MEA Indian Apostille Procedure, you need to contact Ministry of External Affairs through a certified operator Company impaneled on official panel of Ministry of External Affairs since Ministry of External Affairs has contracted out all the administrative work of gathering, examining and delivering of the certificates to the privately owned businesses. As a matter of first importance any original Non-Educational Indian Certificate, requiring MiIndian Apostille Procedurenistry of External Affairs- MEA Apostille Attestation of Certificate, should first be pre-confirmed by the assigned officials/ department of the State/ Union Territory from where the certificate was at first issued which are Home Department/ General Administrative Department/ Maharashtra Home Department- Mumbai Mantralaya.

Are You Looking For Attestation Services Qatar In Hyderabad ? Don’t Worry SEPL Is Right Here

Qatar is a small emirate located in the Persian Gulf. It has Saudi Arabia to the south. Qatar is a high income country and has the world’s highest per capital income. Qatar’s total population is approx two million with expatriates outnumbering the natives. Indians form the largest club of expatriates and are represented in almost all the professions including technology, healthcare, construction, petroleum respectively. In order to meet the demand for Qatari visa, the embassy of kingdom of Qatar has laid down specific process for Qatar embassy certificate attestation. The main requirements for certificate attestation in Qatar are as follows

  • To secure employment visa.
  • To secure residence for family.
  • To obtain higher education.
  • To get school admission.

Certificate attestation Qatar

Certificate attestation for Qatar includes educational, non educational and commercial certificates respectively. For educational certificate attestation , first there is HRD authentication of the certificates from the respective state in India. Next, there is MEA attestation and finally Qatar embassy certificate attestation. For non educational certificate attestation, first, there is State Home Department attestation followed by MEA attestation and in the end, Qatar embassy attestation takes place. Regarding commercial certificate attestation,  first, there is Chamber of Commerce attestation followed by MEA attestation and in the end, Qatar embassy attestation takes place.

Degree certificate attestation for Qatar

Degree certificate attestation  Qatar has the same process as educational certificate attestation for Qatar . There are certain mandatory requirements with respect to certificates concerning degree certificate attestation Qatar.

  • The degree certificate should be submitted along with the final year mark sheet.
  • Only Govt recognized degrees are permissible.
  • The degree course should be affiliated to UGC and full time.
  • Qatar embassy certification requires a compulsory verification letter to be submitted along with the degree certificate. The verification letter must originate from the concerned university , from where the degree certificate was issued.

It is always recommended to take the services of an authorized agency for Qatar document attestation. SEPL , based in Hyderabad is a leader in providing affordable and timely Qatar attestation services.

Step By Step Qatar Attestation Process

Qatar is an absolute monarchy located in the Persian Gulf , sharing border with Saudi Arabia. The capital city is Doha. It has the highest per capital income in the world and its citizens enjoy a high standard of living . The main industry is petroleum and allied industries. Expatriates form the majority of the population, outnumbering the native Qataris. Indians account for the majority of the expatriate population. They are primarily employed in petroleum, healthcare ,  retail industries respectively. To fulfill the demand for attestation  Qatar, the embassy of the kingdom of Qatar has laid down specific procedure for Qatar attestation for Indian origin documents. The main requirements for Qatar embassy attestation are as follows.

  • To obtain employment visa.
  • To secure family residence.
  • To obtain higher education.
  • To take school admission in Qatar.


Certificate attestation for Qatar

Qatar certificate attestation  consists of  educational, non educational and commercial certificates . For educational certificate attestation for Qatar, certain mandatory requirements need to be fulfilled.

  • The degree certificate has to be submitted with final year mark sheet.
  • Only Govt recognized degrees are eligible.
  • Only full time courses which are affiliated to the UGC are eligible.
  • A verification letter from the concerned university, from where the degree originates, has to be submitted along with the degree certificate.

After meeting all these requirements, first the certificate has to be authenticated by the HRD of the

respective state followed  by MEA attestation and ending with Qatar embassy attestation. Regarding non educational certificates, initially the certificates have to be attested by the State Home Department . Then MEA attestation takes place and in the end, Qatar embassy attestation takes place. For commercial certificates , the certificates are attested by the Chamber of Commerce in the beginning . After that, there is MEA attestation and finally Qatar embassy attestation happens.

It is preferable to take the services of an authorized agency for Qatar attestation services to avoid inconvenience and delay. SEPL in Lucknow is providing affordable  Qatar attestation services to candidates since the last ten years.